February 25, 2005

What should you expect?

Comments on what you, as a reader, can expect from this blog.

Main Topics

I'm currently suffering for a glut of posting possiblities. However, I plan to focus on two types of posts:

  • Religious Snippets – Short comments on religious ideas
  • Lightly and randomly – I make "carnivals" of blog links, list interesting facts and statistics, and any examples of diversity and oddness I run accross.

Style and Perspective

Roughly speaking, I'm an optimistic modernate. My writing style is heavily influenced by my beliefs in the virtues of perspective, tact and civil discussion and debate. I invite your comments on any posts and welcome discussion and debate. I sometimes digress and indicate my digressions with smaller text like this so may read them or skip them as you prefer.

Slowly adapting experience

As my thought on the opening page shows, I believe the future holds surprises and, as a result, this blog is certain to change. As I develop my blogging skills and interact with readers, I’ll adapt the site to my audience and to better meet my reasons for blogging.

Good debate

Personally I can never get enough good debate. This site isn't there yet, but that's where I'm aiming.

Be more intelligent, purchase cheaper drugs, and have enhanced sexual performance

Sorry, scratch that last one out. It seems I accidentally copied the subject line from one of my junk emails. :-)

Overall, I hope you learn a little, think a little, and smile a little while reading my blog.

Note: These expections will updated from time to time.

Someday, I’ll ask the following. Please ignore for now.

If you’re a regular reader, please comment on your description of what readers can expect.


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