February 07, 2005

Wanted Ad for Blogging Times

Wanted: good blogs to read and readers for my blog

My biggest challenges in blogging are finding good blogs to read and getting discussions started at my blog. I visit lots of blogs only to discover they aren’t being updated anyone or are long since defunct. The percentage of blogs that last over six months must be small (~5%?) for all the abandoned ones I’ve seen. To avoid these blogs, I use link exchanges and the Truth Laid Bear site. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any shortcuts for finding blogs with subjects I like short of scanning lots of them. At the end of this search, I find only a few percent of blogs that are currently maintained about subjects of interest to me with authors that communicate with their readers.

Bringing in reading and getting discussions started at my blog will be much longer process. It doesn’t look like many of them get off the ground until at least a couple of months. I suspect my topics and style are an unusual taste and it will take me even longer. I found a couple of articles by fellow bloggers with their tips (Blog Traffic and Blogging Thoughts).


I’ve decided I like cascading style sheets (css) especially since they lets me do digressions. It only takes a few lines of code. Its form matches its function and it getts smaller for each level of digression By the third level of digression you can barely read it which it just as it should be. This decreasing size shows how it is less relevant and makes it easier to skip. and a span for each digression. Sometimes small things are so amusing.

Unfinished business: Why good communication among readers and author define my favorite blogs?

Entry Type: Mostly Talking to Myself


  • One word...links!

    When you find an active blog that you like, look at their blogroll.

    You'll notice I link about thirty blogs at any given time. Just about every one of them is active; if they don't post for two months I usually remove the link. I use that list as much for my own convienience as anything; all the blogs I read regularly are there in one place. Often if someone notes I linked them, I show up on their blogroll. I also follow "reciprocal linking" most of the time; if I visit a site that has me linked, I usually add them to my list.

    A lot of my links are related to the Episcopal Church, or somehow church related. I do like well written stuff, however, so there are a few that are just darn good reading. Check out Keith at Word Shadows for instance, or ellie at This is My Body. Both are fantastic writers.

    I've just joined a web ring as well...that seems to have possibilities.

    BTW, you left off an "s" in "connections" in your recent comments at Jake's place, making your link inoperable. I edited it, so now it works. Leaving comments, with a link to your site THAT WORKS (heh) is another way to start making connections.

    By Blogger Jake, at 5:36 PM  

  • Jake, thanks for the tips on finding blogs and fixing that broken link. I definitely remember my address now, since there is nothing that improves the memory like messing up embarrassingly/humorously.

    By Blogger lars, at 7:35 PM  

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