February 07, 2005

The Snow Man

I was recently introduced to Steven Wallace's poem of The Snow Man at Hoarded Ordinaries. These are my thoughts on the poem:

When we focus on our own discomfort, we only see what the world is doing to me. When the wind blows cold, we see cold on our face. When it is raining, we see wet clothes. However, if we move past our discomfort we become aware of the landscape and much more. Now we can see the beauty around us as an artist or a photographer. Finally, we are reminded that the space around us maybe silent, but it never empty and never still.

What does this poem mean to you?

Errata: I'm don't know how I got from politics and science blog to a poetry entry. I guess there's no planning for the contingency of blogging (and life). Also I have multiple entries today since I write my blog entries offline and decided to post some of the entries I'd amassed.


  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:29 PM  

  • How did you get from science to poetry? You followed the web of connections: it's only natural!

    Right now in NH, it's raining and much of our snow is melting. A melting snowman sees no division between "inside" and "outside": instead, a melting snowman only returns to water which then soaks into soil.

    We as humans, though, cling to our superficials. "I'm a professor! I'm a writer! I'm a Zen teacher!" When change comes, we don't know how to handle it: "How did I get from science to poetry? Is this a good transition or a bad one?"

    The snowman makes no distinction between science & poetry, snow & water. When the temperature drops, a snowman isn't afraid to freeze; when the temperature rises, a snowman isn't afraid to melt. A snowman has nothing to fear because a snowman clings to no thing, no thought.

    It's a wonderful, marvelous poem...too bad my freshmen never really "got" what their zany zennie professor was trying to get at! :-)

    Zen Mama/aka Lorianne

    By Blogger Lorianne, at 4:41 AM  

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