February 13, 2005


I'm in a brainstorming mood so here a couple of crazy/interesting ideas for my blog. BTW I'm happy I'm still here after 18 posts

  • Ask An Expert I ask a question that I think they would find of value if they asked themselves and see what I they answer (or if they do).
  • Other Side Awards I give out awards to individuals who do something serious that is unintentionally ironic or humorous. I can think of two award winners I've found already.
  • I'm doubtful When I find an article that has something that I think is wrong I post it and find evidence to link to it.
  • I'm skeptical A lot like I'm doubtful but more about debating which possibility will happen. When the event actually happens, we see who is right.
  • My political party I whimsically have my own political party (Read its statement of principles). Perhaps it needs to make announcements on important political news and issues.

Please speak up if you like one. I figure I'll pick a couple. It's a shame I don't have blogging time for all of them. Ok, only for some of them :-)

On a side note, these are the "thinking on paper" ideas I'm working on.

  • My best case prediction for the end of oil and how I think we can get there.
  • An essay on legality of abortion (or should abortion be allowed in our society). Father Jake got me started on this one from a post on his blog.
  • General lessons and progress from Abu Ghrab scandal
  • Various longterm ones answering tough philosophical questions that are too long to post on a blog

Errata: I can't believe how warm its been this winter.


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