January 26, 2005

Why I blog?

The reasons I write a weblog can be split into two categories - personal and communal. I address my personal reasons with, “Why do I write?” and the communal ones with “Why do I choose to blog?”.

Why do I write?

I write to clarify my thoughts and beliefs.
Sometimes I write to remember. Other times I write because I must. Most times I write to clarify my thoughts and beliefs or to communicate.
When I am exploring complex areas like philosophy or technical areas like science and technology, writing helps improve my understanding and work more effectively. The process of writing helps me discover details I have missed and encourages me to better develop my ideas. Finally, writing, as a creative activity, help me practice and develop my creativity.

Why do I choose a blog?

I blog to communicate.
I believe that knowledge of others and their experiences helps us better understand ourselves and better interpret our experiences. I hope my blog can help do this for at least one individual. In this ongoing experience of blogging, I hope to discover individuals that can do the same for me. I also don’t get as many opportunities to share and have deep discussions on political, political, and scientific issues as I’d like. In time, I hope the public forum of blogging will provide me some of these opportunities.

In the end, everything above is primarily side benefits. I will blog and continue to blog if I enjoy it.


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