January 24, 2005

A Rather Small Grassroots Party

Occasionally I have a problem that I think through by writing it down. My problem? Well, I can't decide whether I'm a Republican or a Democrat.

First, I find it difficult to determine what the two parties stand for since their traditional platforms don't seem to match their record in power. Neither party is as fiscally responsible as I'd like... This exercise soon turned into what I didn't like about the traditional political parties. Instead I was inspired by Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson considered himself a member of a religion of one. He even created his own version of the bible. Similarly I decided to create my own party. (Previous problem solved. :) Now if it only had a name.) The first step was to define its statement of principles.

Statement of Principles for the Political Parties (First Draft)

Core Principles

Justice, Liberty, and Family
Justice: We believe the two primary responsibilities of government are security and justice (including the rule of law). Security defends democracy and justice maintains it. Furthermore, improvements in justice strengthen democracy.

Liberty: We firmly believe government must have limits and we have the right to certain freedoms beginning with those given in the bill of rights. One the most important and fragile of those freedoms is liberty.

Family: Before government, cities, and all the items around us was family. As adults members of this ancient institution, we have a responsibly to our children, the next generation, to leave them a world better than we found it.

Other Essential Principles

Morality, Integrity, Diversity, Security, and Vision
Morality: As citizens, we deserve leaders who firmly held principles we share and who decide and act based on them. We embrace individuals who express their beliefs honestly in the way they believe whether religious or secular. We believe the separation of church and state is at the foundation of our country and must be preserved. We believe leaders respectfully expressing their religious beliefs do not threaten this foundation.

Integrity: Government must remember that its only employer is the American people and it loses integrity whenever is works for someone else. These losses in integrity decrease our trust in the government and make it more difficult and expensive to do its vital tasks. Although we believe that some distrust of government is healthy, this does not excuse behavior that reduces that trust such as conflicts of interest, unnecessary secrecy, and tax policy favoring wealthy corporations over individuals and small business.

Diversity: We believe a unique strength of America is its diversity among individuals, states, and regions within the unity of America. This is primarily not a diversity of skin color, language, or place of birth; it is a diversity of ideas, points of view, abilities, and experiences.

Security: One of our most basic expectations of government is security. Well-trained and equipped military and police are essential for our security. However, we believe the most effective strategies for long term security will also require humanitarian aid, international institutions, multilateral diplomacy, and peacekeeping.

Vision: We believe every candidate should have a vision to make our country better not just ideas of what is wrong about the other candidates. Although programs and policies are important, the many issues candidates face will be unexpected. We want a framework for how the candidates will face the unexpected, a framework of principles and vision.


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