January 25, 2005


Etiology: Assignment of a cause, an origin, or a reason for something.

In case you’d like to know (and before I forget), this is the etiology of some of the items on this page.

Origin of webpage prefix and homepage thought

James Burke wrote a book called Connections. In his book, he talks about the origins and connections between some of our most important modern technologies. The technologies are connected in many and complex ways, a web of connections. As I was creating this blog, this book was in my mind.

As I was considering the ideas of a web of connections, I noticed that both the internet and life contain webs of connections. An so I had part of my opening thought:
The Internet Mirrors Life – They are webs of connections.
The rest of the though came together at the same time suggested by my strong curiosity for knowledge. And so it became (after a few tweaks):
The Internet Mirrors Life - I never know what I'll discover when I travel their webs of connections.

Origin of the name of the site

The original name for the site, RandomReflections, just came out of nowhere. As I was working to improve traffic to this site at BlogExplosion, I was trying to create a more interesting and descriptive title. I first had “Random Reflections in the Search of Knowledge”. I dropped the “the” so the title could mean my reflections are done in search of knowledge or my reflections need knowledge (read as random reflections searching for knowledge).


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